Vasily Kandinsky: My Favorite Synesthete
Vasily Kandinsky. "The Seasons" Panels No. 1-4. 1914. Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Vasily Kandinsky. “The Seasons” Panels No. 1-4. 1914. Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Vasily Kandinsky (1866-1944) was a Russian-born painter known for his use of vibrant color and abstract techniques.  In general, abstract art has never really spoken me, that is until I first saw Kandinsky years ago at the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.  His colors seemed to dance across the canvas in weird and wonderful ways that were at once sensual and chaotic.  In that moment, I got it, or rather, I got something.  Stripped of any recognizable form, all that’s left is how the work makes you feel…significant considering that Kandinsky probably had synesthesia.

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Matthew McConaughey in "True Detective."  HBO.  2014.

Matthew McConaughey in “True Detective.” HBO. 2014.

Lo! There’s hardly an actor more committed
to risks of content and character.  He has made
an impression that even Matt Damon admitted
- a dedication that leaves lesser men afraid.
But there once was a time that belied his talent.
A penchant for super-tan flesh like Peking Duck
and bongos concealed the serious actor within
destined for leading man caliber with style and pluck.
In recent days there’s much to admire:
With critical acclaim, his star will soar higher
as did my fondness for his work in Magic Mike.
So, sing love and praise that once you hid.
It’d be a lot cooler if you did.
Walter Iooss/Esquire Network

Walter Iooss/Esquire Network

For the last few months, I’ve been working with a very talented group of people to produce a 10-part documentary series for the new Esquire Network “Friday Night Tykes.” 

“With exclusive access to the 8 to 9 year-old Rookies division of the Texas Youth Football Association (TYFA), this 10-part docuseries follows five teams on and off the field during the 2013 season.”

The first two episodes will air back-to-back on Tuesday, January 14, at 9 pm ET.

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Photo: Ariel Zambelich/Wired
Photo: Ariel Zambelich/Wired

This and other gems are what one will hear when delving into the digital medium of podcasts.  Alec Baldwin elegantly articulated the line above during a conversation with David Letterman, and it made me giggle out loud, much to the amusement/alarm of my fellow subway riders.  These days I have a dreadful commute from Brooklyn to a production company in Newark, and there are only so many New Yorker magazines that one can read while navigating three separate trains over the course of an hour and a half each way (while barefoot in the snow uphill?  No?  Well, it’s almost that bad).  To make the trip more bearable, I’ve started loading podcasts onto my smart phone, and now the ride is actually enjoyable.  Read More

"Buffalo home on the Range"  Jackson, WY.  2013.

“Buffalo Home on the Range” Jackson, WY. 2013.

What do you get when you hold 500+ filmmakers, funders and network executives in a lodge in the middle of Wyoming?  Well, you get one hell of a party compliments of National Geographic, stimulating panel discussions about the future of nature documentary, and impromptu speed pitching sessions throughout the week long event.  If you’re really lucky, you spy Jane Goodall holding court to a rapt audience in front of a roaring fire.

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