Fear the Walking Dead, Episode 208 "Grotesque." AMC. 2016.

Fear the Walking Dead, Episode 208 “Grotesque.” AMC. 2016.

Who watched Talking Dead following the Season 2 mid-season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead last night?  An awful lot of you, that’s who!  Thank you for continuing to make Talking Dead the number one talk show on television among adults ages 18-49.  Last night Talking Dead featured exclusive on-set interviews with Cliff Curtis, Colman Domingo, and Paul Calderon.  In June, I went down to Baja Studios in Rosarito, Mexico and met with the cast and crew.  The local Mexican crew that worked with us were fantastic and knew what I wanted even before I knew myself.  Gracias a todos.

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“Everything about Jupiter is extreme; it’s a planet on steroids” — Scott Bolton, Principal Investigator, Mission Juno

This illustration depicts NASA's Juno spacecraft at Jupiter, with its solar arrays and main antenna pointed toward the distant sun and Earth. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech

This illustration depicts NASA’s Juno spacecraft at Jupiter, with its solar arrays and main antenna pointed toward the distant sun and Earth. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech

July 4th is a day of celebration, and not just for Independence Day!  It is also the day that the spacecraft Juno will finally reach its destination Jupiter after a 5-year voyage.  Juno should reach the planet’s orbit by tonight (July 4) and will then spend 18 months studying what lies beneath Jupiter’s thick cloud cover.

From NASA:

“During Juno’s orbit-insertion phase, or JOI, the spacecraft will perform a series of steps in preparation for a main engine burn that will guide it into orbit. At 6:16 p.m. PDT (9:16 p.m. EDT), Juno will begin to turn slowly away from the sun and toward its orbit-insertion attitude. Then 72 minutes later, it will make a faster turn into the orbit-insertion attitude.

After the main engine burn, Juno will be in orbit around Jupiter. The spacecraft will spin down from 5 to 2 RPM, turn back toward the sun, and ultimately transmit telemetry via its high-gain antenna.

Juno starts its tour of Jupiter in a 53.5-day orbit. The spacecraft saves fuel by executing a burn that places it in a capture orbit with a 53.5-day orbit instead of going directly for the 14-day orbit that will occur during the mission’s primary science collection period. The 14-day science orbit phase will begin after the final burn of the mission for Juno’s main engine on October 19.”

I had the great honor of filming some early interviews with Juno’s scientists and engineers leading up to the launch for the official Mission Juno website.  In honor of this momentous occasion, I’m reposting a piece about the project.

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Kevin Plank, CEO & founder of Under Armour. 2016.

Kevin Plank, CEO & founder of Under Armour. 2016.

I’m thrilled to announce that one of my spots for SAP ran during the last game of the NBA finals last night.

Earlier this year I went down to Under Armour headquarters in Baltimore and talked to CEO Kevin Plank about the collaboration between UA and SAP.

It was a pleasure working with the group from MAKE and The Station, Bill Winters, Holland Kemp and the folks at SAP and BBDO.  Enjoy!

Several Tuskegee Airmen at Ramitelli, Italy, March 1945. Photo by Toni Frissell, Library of Congress.

Several Tuskegee Airmen at Ramitelli, Italy, March 1945. Photo by Toni Frissell, Library of Congress.

On Memorial Day, it seems fitting to repost a piece about a job I did for AMC when Tom Brokaw hosted the AMC’s War Heroes Weekend Marathon.  We filmed his interview on the aircraft carrier, Intrepid. He interviewed me as much as I did him.  Included is a poignant clip about the African American servicemen of WWII.

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Rest in Peace, Prince.

Purple Rain, 1984. Photos by Bari Pearlman.

Purple Rain, Warner Bros.,1984. Photos by Bari Pearlman.

Last night I went to a sold out show of the movie Purple Rain in New York City. An artist as prolific as Prince has ample material for fans to absorb, and the digital age allows us to grieve him at our fingertips. I, myself, went down the purple rabbit hole watching performances and reading Prince stories posted by friends on Facebook. His music was part of the soundtrack of my youth, and with each track, a memory resurfaced. Yet after listening to nearly 12 hours of the 26-hour Minnesota public radio marathon broadcasting Prince’s entire catalog (in alphabetical order!), I needed to remember Prince with a crowd.

By any measure, Purple Rain is a ridiculous film…with an amazing score. The movie that launched Prince’s superstardom is at once silly and ernest, weird and funky, perhaps a bit like the man himself. I went to pay my respects. I went because I needed to laugh, cheer, and most of all, sing. I didn’t remember the movie being so funny (or so dated), but that’s the thing about a collective experience, emotions are contagious, and through most of the film we were roaring and clapping together.

At the end of the movie, Prince sang the title song, and all 300 or so of us swayed our arms along with the glamorous ’80s extras on the screen, singing our hearts out, especially during the falsetto oooo’s at the end. I suspect it was cathartic for everybody in the audience, most of whom stayed through the credits, a few dabbing the corners of their eyes.

There will never be another like him. Thank you for helping us get through this thing called life, dude.

Purple Rain

Esquire Network

Esquire Network

Didn’t get enough peewee football as Friday Night Tykes wraps up in Texas on March 22?  Don’t worry, there’s a brand new season in a brand new location.  Check out Friday Night Tykes: Steel Country set in the Western Pennsylvania heartland, immediately following the Texas finale.  Tuesday MARCH 22 at 10|9c
Our team was embedded in a community of football legends for five months and followed six teams as they marched toward the championship. Once again, I’ve had the privilege of editing (two series at once!) with a super-talented post team.  I couldn’t ask to be stuck in Newark with better people.
“Follow six teams in the Beaver County Youth Football League in what was once the backbone of industrial America, where jobs have vanished, the bridges that connect communities rusted over, but everyone is still drawn together by a great tradition… football.”
Friday Night Tykes: Steel Country