Cam Newton and Carolinas Healthcare System team up to launch healthy lifestyle campaign

I directed two :30sec spots for Carolinas Healthcare System during three days in July.    The result was 16 scenarios in eight locations in North Carolina and featured kids catching footballs, babies, a pro football player and nanas doing water aerobics.  About the only thing we didn’t have were dancing camels in the background!  Add to that weather dependent locations in July heat, and thunderstorms that unleashed a deluge everyday at 5pm.  For a lesser production, this would have been a trial by fire, but for this NC-based crew, it was just another Wednesday.

Special thanks to DP Max Gutierrez for his beautiful eye for detail.



  1. Michael John Warren / Director said:

    The spots are great. You and the crew did excellent work. Congratulations on the campaign.

    • busyk said:

      Thanks, buddy! They were fun to do. And thanks for your good counsel.

      • Michael John Warren / Director said:


  2. Hannah said:

    love the nanas!!

  3. Betty Garber said:

    Great job. Looking forward to seeing more.

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