Who Knows Where the Time Goes

It’s Fall again, and I always find myself feeling a little nostalgic this time of year.  Don’t misunderstand; autumn in New York is also one of my favorite seasons because the air is crispy and the leaves are brilliant.  Yet, underneath the fall foliage is a reminder of the creeping passage of time.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to play with some 16mm O’Kane family footage that was shot in the 1920s & 30s when my grandfather was a boy.  By cutting it together into a little story, I was hoping to preserve some gems: old fashioned swimming “costumes,”  antique cars, and my favorite, the sledding.

You can tell how new the technology is – people pose for portraits but are unsure of what to do.  I really like all the imperfections with the 16mm and enjoyed the challenge of telling a story with antique amateur footage.  The fact that it’s my own family is a poignant connection to the past, that frankly, blows my mind.

On the eve of Thanksgiving, as we celebrate this family holiday, it seems appropriate to pull this out of the archives and share this little experiment of found footage.  Enjoy!

  1. Thanks for sharing Kathryn. How lucky you are to have this film.’
    I remember fondly the time I spent on my Flexible Flyer speeding down mountainous hills. When I revisited those spots as an adult the mountains had become inclines!

    • busyk said:

      Thank you, Joan. The sledding is my favorite part of the film! Indeed, it is funny how some things shrink as we grow up. But how great that our memories remain big.

  2. Betty Garber said:

    Who’s family Kathryn? Dad’s or Mom’s? Nice film.

  3. Michael John Warren / Director said:

    Nice. I love the kids with shotguns! And I want to go sledding down that huge hill. BTW – all those clothes are now considered the height of fashion in Williamsburg. Thanks for sharing.

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