Busy K’s 2012 Booklist

books2Oprah has her book club, so here is mine.  These were my favorite books this year.  What were your favorites?


Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Sometimes a story has a legitimate claim on the remarkable.  Meticulously researched and exquisitely written, this incredible tale about the perseverance of the human spirit by the author of “Sea Biscuit” describes the against-all-odds survival of former US Olympian Louis Zamperini in a Japanese POW camp. The first two pages of the preface are as gripping as anything I’ve ever read. nonsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nse 

In the Garden of Beasts by Eric LarsonIn the Garden

This novelistic history chronicles the administration of William Dodd, an unlikely US ambassador in Hitler’s Berlin in the 1930s. Relying heavily on the memoirs and letters of Dodd and his daughter Martha, Larson paints a terrifying picture of complacency and inertia as the public (both inside and outside of Germany) slowly begins to realize just how horrific the Nazi regime will be.  nonsense nonsense nsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nonsense n

The Wave

The Wave by Susan Casey

This is a suspenseful, nonfiction narrative about scientists and surfers who hunt giant, rogue waves.  Casey successfully juxtaposes surfer dudes who experience the wave science intuitively and scientists who methodically study it. nonsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nnsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nsense nonsensse nsense nonsensse nsense nonsense nonsense nonsense onsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nonse


The Harry Hole series by Jo Nesbo

The unfortunately-named protagonist of this Norwegian crime series is a smart but flawed police officer (think Dr House as a detective). I devoured four of these books like candy this summer, so I was not surprised when I heard that Martin Scorsese would be adapting The Snowman for the big screen. I wonder if he’ll keep our hero’s name the same in the US version??

  1. Donna Ray said:

    I am now dying to read the The Harry Hole series and Unbroken – have heard of both- thank you so much and Happy 2013 tand I wish all goods things to happen foryou. Donna Ray

  2. Michael John Warren / Director said:

    Thanks for the recommendations and Happy New Year KOK!

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