Notes from the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival

"Trust Me" Interview, photo by Bill Winters

“Trust Me” Interview, photo by Bill Winters

Recently I was asked to cover the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival’s Spotlight Film Series, which offered 23 world premieres, a record number for the section, and advanced screenings from established and emerging filmmakers that display varied elements of independent and mainstream cinema.

I just love AMC as a client.  The job books, it shoots and then it airs.  On a Friday, I interviewed filmmakers and actors of 12 featured films, and then Saturday we shot additional interviews on the red carpet.  Editing over the weekend, it was broadcast on AMC by Wednesday.

It’s such a privilege to talk to artists about their work.  I was really looking forward to talking with Richard Raaphorst and Karel Roden, the director and the lead actor of the Dutch film “Frankenstein’s Army.”  I gushed about being a fan of horror pictures and went on and on with my thesis about horror stories being metaphors for societal problems.  The director listened politely to the broad strokes of my theory and then simply stated in his clipped Dutch accent, “Actually that was not my intention at all.  It’s just a scary movie.”  Well, you win some, you lose some.

Other highlighted interviews included:


There will be inevitable comparisons to “Mean Girls” and maybe even “Heathers” if the kids still reference those films today, but director Darren Stein has brought something new to the story of feuding high school cliquey girls in that the object of their attention is a boy, a recently outed gay boy, to be specific.  Each of the three most popular girls competes for the honor of being able to call him her Gay Best Friend, G.B.F.  Everyone I spoke to (and there were many!) from the director to seven of the actors in the film underscored the message which was the acceptance of a “new normal” that is accessible through humor.

Trust Me

Clark Gregg, who many might recognize from that small indie film “The Avengers,” premiered “Trust Me,” which he wrote, directed and starred, about a struggling agent for child actors (played by Gregg) on the cusp of landing a big client.  It’s a dark and comedic look at Hollywood politics.   It also stars one of my favorite actors, Sam Rockwell, who plays Gregg’s slick arch-nemesis.  Ours was the first interview that Gregg and his co-star, Saxon Sharbino, had given to the press, so it was great to hear their fresh thoughts about the movie.  Gregg was delighted  and nervous to show the film at Tribeca, because his cast was seeing it for the first time.  You can check out snippets of the interview as well as the red carpet in the clip below.

Hey AMC, call me if you ever want to cover Cannes…I’ve got a great crew ready to go!

Here are a few of the pieces which aired on AMC:

“Trust Me” 0:30 sec spot sponsored by Cadillac

Tribeca Film Festival Red Carpet 0:30 sec spot sponsored by Cadillac

“Inside Out” 0:30 sec spot sponsored by Expedia

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