Blue Ruin – a Love Story

Macon Blair as Dwight.  "Blue Ruin" Radius/TWC 2013.

Macon Blair as Dwight. “Blue Ruin” Radius/TWC 2013.

“Blue Ruin” is the story of Dwight, a deeply wounded beach drifter seeking revenge for a family tragedy, who blunders his way towards a bloody conclusion.    Written, directed and shot by filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier and drawing comparisons to the Coen brothers film “Blood Simple,” the result is a stripped-down thriller of remarkable tension.  Despite the violence, Macon Blair plays Dwight with heartbreaking tenderness.  The AV Club gave it an A-…high praise by their standards.  And the positive reviews are still coming in.

Against all odds, the filmmakers financed the movie themselves and then sold it at Cannes.  The story of the relationship between Jeremy and Macon has been well told.  Here’s what I can add to the conversation:

I know these guys.  We went to the same high school in Alexandria, VA.  Reacquainted in Brooklyn in the early Aughts, we all spent many summer nights drinking beers and talking movies in Macon’s backyard in Clinton Hill, most evenings dissolving into G N’ R dance parties DJ’d by Queen Irene.  But always the conversations were about our work, the future, the business and the films that we loved.  Jeremy, Macon and the rest of the crew of Alexandria natives truly live and breathe movies.  I can’t stress enough how down-to-earth and humble these talented guys are or how pleased I am to be able to witness (in some small way) their hard-won success.

Bravo, gentlemen.  Cheers to the hometown boys!

Blue Ruin is now in theaters in wide release and available On Demand.


Jeremy Saulnier and Macon Blair.  Robert Wright for The New York Times.

Jeremy Saulnier and Macon Blair. Robert Wright for The New York Times.


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  1. Annetta Marion said:

    Can’t wait to see the movie! You go Jeremy!

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