Illuminating Conflict and Crisis

Photo: Pete Muller, DRC

Photo: Pete Muller. Used with permission.

Great photojournalism takes our breath away with a powerful message wrapped in undeniable beauty. Recently, the work of freelance journalist Pete Muller has been doing just that for me.

I particularly love Pete’s use of light.  He composes his frame with an eye reminiscent of Vermeer, often a single light source casts a glow on his subjects as they go about their lives.

Though I don’t know Pete personally, we both worked for a time at the National Democratic Institute in DC; albeit separated by about 10 years, so our paths never crossed.  Yet because of that connection, we’re Facebook friends, which has provided a window into the process of his reporting.

Recently, Pete covered the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.  I followed along with interest and concern as he periodically posted video reflecting on what he was seeing as well as his own meticulous safety precautions.  Click here for his poignant photo essay published by the Washington Post.

From Pete’s Bio:

“Since 2005, I have worked to document the individual consequences of war, poverty and social unrest. Through a combination of photography, text, audio and video recordings, I aim to illustrate broader issues through individual stories. I strive to create images and material that demand consideration for the lives of those depicted. I believe that intimate, sensitive photographs leave indelible marks on the conscience and actively oppose the sterilization of human suffering.”

Thank you for your work, Pete!

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  1. Betty Garber said:

    Inspirational. Great picture.

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