Go Big or Go Home, Kid

Friday Night Tykes Season 2 begins January 20.

Jennifer Whitney for The New York Times

Jennifer Whitney for The New York Times

They’re back!  Big hits, unruly parents, grandstanding coaches.  Season two of Friday Night Tykes, as 11 and 12 year olds, the kids are a year older, but the game is the same.  In the wake of two coaches being suspended last year for bad behavior, this season continues to ask the big question in youth sports: should the focus be on winning above all else?



Tune in to Esquire Network Tuesdays at 9pm ET for this 10-part series.
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  1. Craig Kimberley said:

    BRAVO Kathryn!! Once again, I can’t wait to see how you have woven the stories and the action!

  2. Betty Garber said:

    Thanks for reminder. Looking forward to it.

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