2019 PitchNY- Sponsored by Governor’s Office of Motion Picture & Television Development, Tribeca Film Institute and NBCUniversal

Thank you to the Governor’s Office of Motion Picture & Television Development and NBCUniversal in collaboration with Tribeca Film Institute, for inviting me to participate in PitchNY, the most recent state initiative to promote the inclusion of diverse voices across the entertainment industry and to connect entertainment industry leaders with a rising generation of diverse content creators.

2019 PitchNY

Fifty students from around New York State pitched and received feedback from industry folks like me in “speed dating” pitching sessions.  It was an intense experience for me to listen to all the great stories, and I wish this had existed when I was first starting out.  

Bonus, I got to hang out with some of my colleagues on the NYWIFT board!

NYWIFT Board members and participants of PitchNY. Annetta Marion, Rosalind Murphy, Yvonne Russo, KOK, and Rachel Watanabe-Batton.

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