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“I was born to 2 tomato farmers” were the first words of a tale that would captivate me for the next 6 hours and change the course of my life when Sidney Poitier sat down to tell his life story.

In 2011 we produced Oprah’s Master Class, the flagship documentary series, which launched the network OWN.  It was an autobiographical series in which people who Oprah considered “masters of their lives” recalled critical turning points in their lives and relayed their life lessons.  This was an important show for Oprah, and she pulled out all the stops to book her favorite people for this inaugural season.  Among the most important were Maya Angelou and Sidney Poitier, whom she considered family. Read More

Maya Angelou, “Calypso Heat Wave” Columbia Pictures, 1957

Last year I had the amazing good fortune to produce the flagship series “Oprah’s Master Class” for the new network OWN. It was a privilege to dive deep into the lives of such accomplished people.  I have just learned that it was nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Series. (Feb 17, 2012 UPDATE:  Master Class wins NAACP Image Award!)

I’ve heard it said many times that in order to grow, we need to stretch ourselves, and this series pulled me in so many directions.  At times I was jumping among as many as 5 edit rooms at once and crisscrossing the country to grab interviews as we told the stories of Diane Sawyer, Jay Z, Sidney Poitier and Oprah herself. Putting together 10 hours of television for a brand new network was not easy, and it required the effort of a lot of smart, talented people on the MC team.

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